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Senior Fellow

Senior Fellow, Medical Research

              John S. Marr, MD, MPH

6315 Pig Mountain Road, Free Union, VA 22940

Voice: 434-974-9795      E-mail: jsmarr4@earthlink.net



BA, Yale University; MD, NY Medical College; MPH, Harvard School of Public Health.

Tropical Public Health Fellowship, LSU

Board certifications: Internal Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Occupational Medicine

Experience, Professional present to past

Retired                                                                                                             2006-present

Director, Office of Epidemiology, Virginia State Health Department,

(VDH) Richmond, VA 23219                                                                           2002-06

Medical Director, AmeriChoice, New York, NY                                                 2000-02

Medical Director, Oxford Health Plans, White Plains, NY/Trumbull, CT              1998-00

Medical Director, MD Health Plan/Physicians Health Services, Shelton, CT         1995-98    

Physician Epidemiologist, NY State Department of Health, NY, NY                 1993-95

Director, Greenwich Hospital Out-Patient Clinics, Greenwich, CT                        1991-93

Assistant Medical Director, Exxon Corporation, NY, NY                                    1980-90

Director/Principal Epidemiologist, NYC Department of Health, NY, NY               1976-80

Major, US Army Academy of Health Sciences, Fort Sam Houston, TX                1972-74           

Professional Teaching/Academic positions-present to past

Clinical Professor, Department of Community and Preventive Medicine,            2003-present

 Commonwealth of Virginia Medical School, Richmond, VA


Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor:. Department of Health Sciences,    2005-present

 University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville, VA


Visiting Senior Lecturer, Department of  International Health,                 2003-present

New York Medical College School of Public Health, Valhalla, NY.

Lecturer                                                                                                          1993-2002


Clinical Associate Professor Department of Preventive Medicine,                      1974-1995

New York Medical College, NY, NY


Lecturer, Department of Preventive Medicine and Community Health,   1974 -1990

State University of New York (SUNY Downstate), Brooklyn, NY


Adjunct Professor,: Department of Anthropology, The New School for 1978-1980

Social Research, NY, NY


Lecturer: Department of Community Medicine, Baylor University                       1972-1974

Medical School, San Antonio, TX


Medical Journal Publications past to-present

1.       Marr JS and Pike EH. “The protection of mice by ‘Corpus Christi’ strain of Trypanosoma cruzi when challenged with ‘Brasil’ strain.” Journal of Parasitology, 1967 (53): 6579‑59


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      pathogens in male homosexual population.”  New York State Journal of Medicine, 1977,

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City 1972‑1977: A new population of patients.” Bulletin of the NY Academy of Medicine, 1979, (55): 455-467


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23.   Bakal CW, Novick LF, Marr JS, Millner ES, Goldman WD, Pitkin OE. “Mentally retarded hepatitis‑B surface antigen carriers in NYC Public school classes: A public health dilemma.” American Journal of Public Health, 1980 (70):7:712‑716


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City, 1973‑1978: The recognition of groups Y and W‑135 as frequent pathogens.”  JAMA 1980 Nov 14;244(19):2167-71


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54.   Calisher CH, Marr JS. Alexander the Great [response to letter]. Emerging Infectious Diseases [serial on the internet]. 2004 July 2004. Available at: http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/EID/vol10no7/03-0232.htm


55.  Jani AA, Fierro M, Kiser S, Ayala-Simms V, Darby DH, Juenker S, Storey R, Reynolds C, Marr J, Miller G. “Hurricane Isabel-Related Mortality – Virginia, 2003. Journal of Public Health Management and Practices,2006; Vol. 12, No 1: 97-102


56.  Kiracofe JB, Marr JS. “Marching to Disaster: The Catastrophic Convergence of

Inca Imperial Policy, Sand flies, and El Niňo in the 1524 Andean Epidemic.” 2008 In: Symposium on El Niňo, Catastrophism and Cultural Change in Ancient America Pre-Columbian Studies Series. Harvard University Press. Nov. 2008

Published books


The Good Drug and the Bad Drug, M. Evans & Co., NY, 1970. (Translations: French, Spanish)


A Breath of Air and a Breath of Smoke, M. Evans & Co., NY, 1971. (Translations: French)


The Food You Eat, M.  Evans & Co.., NY, 1972. (Translations: French)


The Black Death, EP Dutton & Co., NY, 1977, (with Gwyneth Cravens) (Translations: French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Hebrew).


The Eleventh Plague, HarperCollins, NY, 1998, (with John Baldwin). (Translations: German, Portuguese, Slovak, Japanese, Hebrew, Hungarian)


Public Health Issues Disaster Preparedness: Focus on Bioterrorism. Jones & Bartlett, 2001. Novick LF, Marr JS (co-editors)

 Die Achte Posaune, Baste Lubbe, Berlin, Germany, 2000.


Human Parasitic Disease Sourcebook. Jones & Bartlett Publisher, September, 2005 (with Berger SA)


Wormwood. (e-novel) Amazon Kindle. 2008.


Contributor to CDC’s Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report, (MMWR)

·         Malaria ‑ New York City, 23, (1974), 32: 278

·         Influenza ‑ Arizona, New York City, 24, (1975), 5: 40

·         Changes in Rabies Control ‑ New York City, Philadelphia, 24, (1975), 9: 82

·         Typhoid ‑ New York City, Haiti, 24 (1975), 15: 140

·         Trichinosis Aboard a Cruise Ship ‑ California, Florida, New York, 24, (1975), 37: 319

·         Scombroid Poisoning ‑ New York City, 24, (1975), 40: 342

·         Fatal Mushroom Poisonings ‑ New York City, 24, (1975) 51: 766

·         An Interstate Outbreak of Typhoid Associated with a NYC Restaurant, 25, (1976), 2: 17

·         Drug‑Resistant Salmonella agona ‑ New York, 26, (1977) 16: 129

·         Influenza ‑ Worldwide, 26, (1977) 16: 135

·         CDC Annual Summary, Malaria, 1974

·        Malaria ‑ Case Report, Transfusion Induced Malaria – NYC

·        Malaria ‑ Case Report, Transfusion Induced Malaria – NYC

·        Malaria ‑ Case Report, Congenital Malaria ‑ NYC

·         Follow‑up on Malaria Alert for Travelers Returning from Nigeria. 26, (1977) 12: 93

·         Fatal Poliomyelitis ‑ New York City, 26, (1977) 48: 410. Influenza - Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Wisconsin 26, (1977): 48

·         Primary Amebic Meningoencephalitis: California, Florida, New York, 27, (1978), 37:343

·         Legionnaires’ Disease: New York, Tennessee, (1978), 37:352

·         Follow‑up on Legionnaires’ Disease: New York, Tennessee, 27, (1978), 38:365.

·         Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: New York City, 28, (1979), 8:78

·         Typhoid Fever: New York City, 28, (1979), 17:145

·         CDC Annual Summary: -- Malaria 1979: Malaria Deaths and Complications in the US Annual Summary, 1979: (1980)

·         Local transmission of Plasmodium vivax malaria – Virginia 2002

·         First Human Death Associated with Raccoon Rabies—Virginia, 2003

·         Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease not related to a common venue: New Jersey 1995-2004, May 2004

·         Human Exposure to Mosquito-Control Pesticides – Mississippi, North Carolina and Virginia, 2002 and 2003 – 54, (2005) 21:529-531


Popular Press Articles written about/by JS Marr


“For Young Readers”, Resnik HS, The New York Times Book Review, February 7, 1971

“Children, Drugs-Doctor’s Approach”, Cook J, The New York Times, February 13, 1971 “Tracking Down the Epidemic”, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, December 12, 1976

“A Fatal Pass”, The London Times Literary Supplement, (book review), May 6, 1977

 How You Can Join the Public Health Team”, Marr JS, Real World, January 6, 1977

 “A Medical Detective” Seixas, S, Money Magazine, February, 1977

“Flu”—Op Ed, The New York Times, April 22, 1976, (Cravens G and Marr JS.)

 “Hepatitis Carriers called a New York School Peril”, The New York Times, January 10, 1979

“Man Bites Man is News” The Lancet, News and Notes, March 22, 1980

“Biblical plagues-A Novel Theory” Raver  A, The New York Times, April 4, 1996

“Winners and Losers, In the Realm of the Spirit, Time Magazine, April 15, 1996

Selected abstracts and presentations

“The rise and fall of medical indices of narcotic addiction in New York City, 1963‑77.” Marr, JS, Cherubin C. International Conference of Alcohol and Addiction, Warsaw, Poland, 1978


“Hepatitis B carriers in public school classrooms.” Bakal C, Novick, LF, Marr, JS, Pitkin, OE, Goldman W. 106th Annual Meeting, American Public Health Association, October 1978


“The patterns of death of 471 typhoid carriers: A matched study” Welton J, Marr, JS, Friedman S. 106th Annual Meeting, American Public Health Association. October, 1978

“Transmissions of Hepatitis B: a school health issue.” Bakal C, Novick LF, Marr, JS,  Pitkin

 OF,Goldman W.106th Meeting, APHA, October 1978

 “The prevalence of visceral larva migrans in New York City” Marr JS, Amdurer L, Goldman W. American Public Health Association, November 5‑7, 1979

“Amebiasis in New York City: A changing pattern of transmission.” Marr, JS.  New York Academy of Medicine Symposium on Amebiasis, New York City, Oct.29, 1980

“Urban exposure and infection with a canine parasite.”Amdurer LA, Friedman SM, Glickman, LT, Marr, JS. American Public Health Association, Los Angeles, California, Nov. 1‑5, 1981

“A history of biological warfare: From Samuel I to Saddam Hussein.”Marr JS. Medical Defense against Biological Warfare Agents Conference, US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Fort Detrick, Maryland August 3-5, 1992 

“A search for the Ten Plagues of Egypt.” Marr JS. The United States Department of Agriculture, Animal Research Service, Plum Island, LI, NY, May 13, 1995

“History of Public Health - from Antiquity to the present day.” Marr JS.  New York City Department of Health, New York City, February 27, 1995

“History of American Medicine and Public Health.” Marr JS.  International Business Development Council, New York, NY, March 15, 1995

“Preparing for biological terrorism.” Marr JS. National Association of Infection Control     Practitioners, Marriott Hotel, Queens, NY, November 20, 1996

“Mycotoxins and public health.” Malloy CD, Marr JS.  Poster session, APHA, Indianapolis, IN, November 10-15, 1997

“Averting biowarfare through moral repugnance: fact or fiction?” Marr JS.  Association for

 Politics and the Life Sciences, Boston, MA. September 4, 1998

“Marching to Disaster: The Catastrophic Convergence of Inca Imperial Policy, Sand flies, and El Niňo in the 1524 Andean Epidemic” (with JB Kiracofe), Symposium: El Niňo, Catastrophism, and Cultural Change in Ancient America, Pre-Columbian Studies, Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, D.C., October 12-13, 2002



 Program to Monitor Emerging Diseases( http://www.promedmail.org) contributions           ):


·            Paralysis, epidemic–Nepal                                    o   The Eleventh Plague: a novel

·            Tularemia-- USA  (NYC)                         o   Plague, human--USA (CO, NM)

·            Undiagnosed illness–UK                           o   Bioterrorism threat, responses - Israel & USA

·            Diarrheal disease –Afghanistan                 o   Borna virus & disease. (with Malloy CD)

·            Ebola - Zaire: index case                           o   Mycotoxins in barley or wheat

·            NYAM Emerging Infections                     o   CDC Hantavirus teleconference

·           Frog deformities (with Malloy CD)           o   Review of Mycotoxins and Public Health

·           Malaria–United States, Virginia    o   Rabies–USA, Virginia

·           Devil face tumor disease--Australia         


Medical Book Reviews

Uninvited Guests: The Life That Lives on Man, 1977, Michael LA. Andrews, Taplinger Press, NY, in Natural History, LXXXVI, (1977), 5: 88‑90.


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A History of Epidemiologic Methods and Concepts. Alfredo Morabia (ed). Birkhauser 2005 in EpiMonitor, July, 2005


Newspaper Letters to the Editor:

“Rabies: Unlikely Epidemic” The New York Times, September 17, 1974

“About Health‑Budget Cutbacks and TB” The New York Times, September 18, 1975

“Pennies for Oklahoma City” USA Today, June 19, 1995

“Ancient Scroll Carries Clue to Deadly Mold” The New York Times, August 1, 1997

“Town’s Residents should stand up for the Police Chief” Greenwich Time, May 10, 1998

“The Pontus Caper” Parts I & II. The Valley Voice. September, 2008

Cinema/Television Experience:

Guest                          The Bill Cosby Show. Children’s Work Shop, NBC-TV, 1970.

Advisor                        The Hospital. United Artists, Howard Gottfried (director), 1971.

Mystery Guest To Tell the Truth. ABC-TV, 1977.

Advisor                         The Silent Killers. (later, The Black Death) CBS Movie of the Week, 1992.         Consultant                   Typhoid Mary. (BBC), Discovery Channel/History, 1993.

Consultant                     The Ten Plagues of Egypt. (Learning Channel), UFA Productions Bertelsmann AG 1998. Shown 8 times/1998-2005.

Consultant                     The Real Moses, (BBC), Fall, 2002.

Consultant                     The Death of Alexander the Great. (Discovery Channel), Atlantic Productions, Channel 5, Fall, 2003 (UK), Fall, 2004 (USA).

Consultant                     The Most Dangerous Woman in America. (PBS), Nova series, Fall, 2004.

Participant                    The Exodus Story. (National Geographic Society/Discovery. Spring 2006.

Respondent                   The Forgotten Disease. (Documentary), Virginia Film Festival, Fall 2006.

Participant                    Advanced Topics on Medical Defense Against Biological Agents: Botulism Toxin. (WRAIR/FDA), 2006.

Participant                    The Ten Plagues of Egypt (Warner Bros.) in  DVD, “The  Reaping”, 2007.

Participant                    What Killed the Aztecs? National Geographic Society, NGC, November, 2008.

Participant                    Exodus. (Discovery Channel), Spring, 2009.

Consultant                     The Eleventh Plague.”working title/movie, 21st Century Fox, in development.

Internet Experience/Contributions:


Co-founder: (with Cathey, JT, Malloy, CM):  plaguescape.com. (http//:www.

plaguescape.com). (Reviewed in The Lancet, (352): 9137, October 24, 1998, p 1399)


 Co-founder: (with J B Kiracofe): Was the huey coclitztli a haemorrhagic fever?(http:// :www.isr.umd.edu/~miw/coco/).  The Lancet, (356), 9243, Nov 18, 2000, p 1777)


Interviewed: OUTBREAK: (http://www.outbreak.org/egi-nreg/dynaserve.exe/eplague.htm).             National Public Radio: Living on Earth: “Native Virus” Week of September 7, 2001

Licenses and Certifications

MD licenses:         VA # 0101231583, inactive       

Diplomat               American Board of Medical Examiners, 1968   # 96534. 

Diplomat               American Board of Internal Medicine, 1973 # 39625.

Diplomat               American Board of General Preventive Medicine 1976 # 

Diplomat               American Board of Occupational Medicine, 1984, # 21774.


        Committees Experience-‑past and/or present

Committee on Occupational Medicine, New York County Society, 1982.Immunization

Commissioner’s Advisory Committee on Infectious Diseases: NYC DOH, 1974‑80

Commissioner’s Advisory Committee on TB Control: NYC Department of Health, 1975‑80

Vice Chairman, Swine Flu Immunization Program, NYC Department of Health, 1975‑76

Committee on Use of Human Subjects in Research, NYC Department of Health, 1975

Committee on Trans‑sexuals, NYC Department of Health, 1976‑80

Committee on Preventive Medicine, NYS Medical Society, 1983

Committee on Public Health, New York Academy of Medicine, 1977-80; 1993-95

Editorial Board, Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine, 1994-95

New York  Coalition against Tuberculosis, New York, NY. 1993-95

Planning Committee: Emerging Infectious Diseases, NY Academy of Medicine, June 1995

Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance Group, (BARG) New York, NY, 1994-95

Editorial Board, Journal of Public Health Management and Practices, 1997-2009

Editorial Board, Chironian, New York Medical College Alumni Magazine, 1998-2009

Planning Committee: Bioterrorism—a Suburban Threat. New York Medical College, June, 1999

Consultant, Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists to the American Veterinary Association Compendium Committee on Animals in Public Settings, 2002-2006


Fellowships -‑ past and/or present

American College of Epidemiology              American College of Physicians

New York Academy of Medicine                American College of Preventive Medicine

American College of Occupational Medicine


Memberships - past and/ or present

Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society             American Medical Association

American Public Health Association            American Society Tropical Medicine & Hygiene

New York Academy of Sciences                  New York City Tropical Medicine Society

Virginia Infectious Disease Society              Virginia Medical Society      


Dean’s List, New York Medical College, 1965-67

1st Prize Pathology Essay Contest: “Some Provocative Aspects of Air Pollution”, 1965

Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, 1966

Cor et Manus, New York Medical College Honor Society, 1967

Louisiana State University Tropical Disease Fellowship, 1969

CAPRA Award, First Prize, Poster: Measles Immunizations. 1976

AMA Physicians Recognition Awards in Continuing Education, 1973-91

Encyclopedia Britannica Three Star Award for plaguescape, (One of 40 websites to win three stars out of a field of over 65,000 sites evaluated),1997

Experience, Other

Member: Board of Directors, The Med Design Corporation, Ventura, CA.            1997-2002

Advisory Board of Directors, The Medical Herald, NY, NY                              1995-present

Peer reviewer: Journal of Public Health Management and Practices               1997- present

Reviewer: Emerging Infectious Diseases                                                                      2003-present

Guest presenter: The Richmond Science Museum weekly luncheon lectures         2005-present