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Pablo Patron, 1894
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Images Andean Epidemic

These are the images submitted for publication with the paper "Marching to Disaster"

on February 14, 2003




Figure 1

Left: Smallpox. World Health Organization

Right: Bartonellosis, Odriozola, E. 1944 La Enfermadad de Carrion o Verruga Peruana. Revista de la Sanidad de Policia. Lima [no copyright notice, government publication, public domain]



Figure 2

Pre-Columbian Ceramic Figurine, Alexander 1995


Figure 3

Ollantaytambo, water canal, photograph by JBK



Figure 4

Stone Walls of dwellings at Machu Pichu, photograph by JBK


Figure 5

Adobe/Stone walls delling at Pisac, photograph by JBK


Figure 6

Map showing areas of Ecuador endemic for Bartonellosis today, Amano et al. 1997




Figure 7

Map showing Pizarro’s route in 1531-1532, Hemming 1970



Figure 8

Advanced Leprosy, National Medical Library, Bethesda.


Figure 9

Aniceto de la Cruz by Thomas Salazar, 1857, author’s photograph of original courtesy of Jorge Lossio, Lima.


Figure 10

Terraces at Pisac, photograph by JBK