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This area will eventually, as time permits, provide a survey of Mexican Mural Art from Ancient times to the present. The initial postings will be items already scanned, and will be in no particular order. In time, I hope to offer a sequentially organized a panoramic view surveying over a thousand years of mural painting in Mexico with an accompanying text, bibliography, and map.


All images presented on this page are property of James B. Kiracofe and the Inter-American Institute and are protected by copyright law. These images may not be copied by any means for any purpose without written permission of the copyright owners.

Pre-Columbian Mural Painting




Colonial Mural Painting


Huejotzingo_facade.JPG (73668 bytes)    Huejotzingo, Penitent procession.JPG (46408 bytes)

Huejotzingo, Penitent Procession 2.JPG (60864 bytes)    Huejotzingo, Penitent procession 3.JPG (50387 bytes)    Huejotzingo, North Wall, Deposition.jpg (40322 bytes)

These four preceding copyright protected images of mural art at Huejotzingo were provided for a conference paper in 1995 by Susan Verdi Webster and are reproduced here with her kind permission.

Huejotzingo, Convento Murals 1.jpg (43538 bytes)    Huejotzingo, Convento Murals 2.jpg (44688 bytes)

Huejotzingo, Convento Murals 3.jpg (57150 bytes)    Huejotzingo, Convento Murals 4.jpg (56153 bytes)

Huejotzingo, Convento Murals 5.jpg (40338 bytes)    Huejotzingo, Convento Murals 6.jpg (53237 bytes)

Huejotzingo, Convento Murals 7.jpg (56127 bytes)    Huejotzingo, Convento Murals 8.jpg (49453 bytes)

Huejotzingo, Convento Murals 10.jpg (60078 bytes)        Huejotzingo, Convento Murals 9.jpg (45462 bytes)

Huejotzingo, Posa Murals 1.jpg (62129 bytes)    Huejotzingo, Posa Murals 2.jpg (65868 bytes)


Zinacantepec, Toluca

Zinacantepec, General View.jpg (55519 bytes)    Zinacantepec, Porteria Mural 1.jpg (54144 bytes)

Zinacantepec, Porteria Mural 2.jpg (64233 bytes)    Zinacantepec, Porteria Mural 4.jpg (58604 bytes)

Zinacantepen, Porteria Mural 3.jpg (55111 bytes)    Zinacantepec, Open Chapel Mural 1.jpg (54154 bytes)    Zinacantepec, OC mural 2.jpg (60000 bytes)

Zinacantepec, Cloister.jpg (47443 bytes)    Zinacantepec, Cloister Murals 1.jpg (49088 bytes)    Zinacantepec, Cloister murals 2.jpg (35901 bytes)

Zinacantepec, Textile mural 1.jpg (63816 bytes)    Zinacantepec, Textile mural 2.jpg (33042 bytes)


Huaquechula, Puebla

Huaquechula, General View.jpg (50260 bytes)    Huaquechula, upper cloister.jpg (36555 bytes)

Huaquechula, Penitents.jpg (48285 bytes) 

Huaquechula, cloister chapel.jpg (45851 bytes)    Huaquechula, cloister chapel 2.jpg (44760 bytes)

Huaquechula, Cloister 4.jpg (38300 bytes)    Huaquechula, cloister 5.jpg (48456 bytes)    Huaquechula, cloister 6.jpg (53689 bytes)

Huaquechula, Frieze.jpg (53607 bytes)    Huaquechula, Cloister, medallion.jpg (35034 bytes)

San Juan Teitipac, Oaxaca

San Juan Teitipac, murals.jpg (52655 bytes)    Teitipac murals 2.jpg (51250 bytes)

Teitipac murals 3.jpg (47379 bytes)    Teitipac 5.jpg (49426 bytes)    Teitipac 6.jpg (59076 bytes)


Below are thumbnail hyperlinks to full size jpeg images of the murals in the porteria of San Juan Teitipac. Click on any of these

to see the images at full size. These will be very large images. I have posted these especially for Dr. Robert Jackson who is studying

this mural cycle among others. Dr. Jackson is authorized to use these images for one time scholarly publication.

Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo

Ixmiquilpan, Tower from patio.jpg (35471 bytes)    Ixmiquilpan, Armas Cristi.jpg (50787 bytes)    Ixmiquilpan, Upper level ceiling.jpg (33612 bytes)

Ixmiquilpan, Nave.jpg (35086 bytes)    Ixmiquilpan, Nave painting 1.jpg (51226 bytes)    Ixmiquilpan, Nave painting 2.jpg (44103 bytes)

Ixmiquilpan, nave painting 3.jpg (49142 bytes)    Ixmiquilpan, nave painting 4.jpg (46080 bytes)    Ixmiquilpan, nave painting 5.jpg (58885 bytes)

Ixmiquilpan, Nave painting 6.jpg (49151 bytes)    Jaguar_Knight_Ixmiquilpan.JPG (55671 bytes)    Ixmiquilpan, nave painting 7.jpg (55410 bytes)

Ixmiquilpan, nave painting 9.jpg (37914 bytes)    Ixmiquilpan, nave painting 10.jpg (47144 bytes)

Santa Maria Xoxoteco, Hidalgo

Santa Maria Xoxoteco.jpg (39887 bytes)    Xoxoteco, nave.jpg (48893 bytes)    Xoxoteco, nave 2.jpg (45678 bytes)

Santa_Maria_Xoxoteco_Mural.JPG (47329 bytes)    Xoxoteco, nave 4.jpg (54154 bytes)    Xoxoteco, nave 5.jpg (54006 bytes)

Xoxoteco, nave 6.jpg (45247 bytes)    Xoxoteco, nave 7.jpg (55857 bytes)    Xoxoteco, nave 8.jpg (45600 bytes)

Actopan, Hidalgo

Actopan, General View.jpg (42069 bytes)    Actopan, Stairwell.jpg (39037 bytes)    Actopan, Stairwell 2.jpg (58772 bytes)   

  Actopan, Stairwell 3.jpg (62910 bytes)    Actopan, Stairwell 4.jpg (62843 bytes)   

  Actopan, Stairwell 5.jpg (66596 bytes)    Actopan, Stairwell 6.jpg (34448 bytes)    Actopan, Prior's room.jpg (42257 bytes)

Actopan, Prior's room, Armas Cristi.jpg (63868 bytes)    Actopan, Prior's room, Gesthemene.jpg (49196 bytes)   

  Actopan, Prior's room, Resurection of the Dead.jpg (60305 bytes)    Actopan, Porteria.jpg (65993 bytes)    Actopan, Open Chapel.jpg (35402 bytes)

Actopan, Open Chapel 2.jpg (45896 bytes)    Actopan, Open Chapel 3.jpg (41736 bytes)   

  Actopan, Open Chapel 4.jpg (47599 bytes)    Actopan, Open Chapel 5.jpg (50766 bytes)   

  Actopan, Open Chapel 6.jpg (49647 bytes)    Actopan, Open Chapel 7.jpg (48396 bytes)   

  Actopan, Open Chapel 8.jpg (55837 bytes)    Actopan, Open Chapel 9.jpg (51346 bytes)   

  Actopan, Open Chapel 10.jpg (42426 bytes)    Actopan, Open Chapel 11.jpg (49259 bytes)   

  Actopan, Open Chapel 12.jpg (54602 bytes)    Acropan, Open Chapel 13.jpg (48557 bytes)   

  Actopan, Open Chapel 14.jpg (70741 bytes)

Epazoyuacan, Hidalgo

Epazoyuacan, general View.jpg (54908 bytes)    Epazoyuacan, Patio.jpg (49387 bytes)    Epazoyuacan, Death of the Virgin.jpg (65828 bytes)   

  Epazoyuacan, Road to Calvary 2.jpg (46514 bytes)    Epazoyuacan, Road to Calvary, close.jpg (56499 bytes)    Epazoyuacan, Crucifixion.jpg (69547 bytes)    Epazoyuacan, Pieta.jpg (46339 bytes)   

  Epazoyuacan, Pieta, close.jpg (42994 bytes)

Metztitlan, Hidalgo

Metztitlan, General view.jpg (50469 bytes)    Metztitlan, Porteria murals.jpg (49678 bytes)

Metztitlan, Mural, Porteria.jpg (43363 bytes)    Metztitlan, mural 2, Porteria.jpg (48335 bytes)    Metztitlan, porteria mural detail.jpg (38357 bytes)

Metztitlan, porteria mural detail 2.jpg (52105 bytes)    Metztitlan, porteria mural detail 3.jpg (45817 bytes)

Metztitlan, Porteria mural detail 4.jpg (52369 bytes)    

Metztitlan, Cloister walk.jpg (40355 bytes)    Metztitlan, rib-vault, cloister walk.jpg (62180 bytes)    Metztitlan, mural 1.jpg (52581 bytes)

Metztitlan, mural 2.jpg (66250 bytes)    Metztitlan, mural 3.jpg (56417 bytes)

Metztitlan, mural 4.jpg (60354 bytes)

Atlatlauca, Morelos

Atlatlauca_Porteria_Frescoe_83.JPG (50666 bytes)

Tlayacapan, Morelos

Tlayacapan.jpg (49949 bytes)

Totolopan, Morelos

Totolapan_Ceiling_fresco_Mudejar_Geometry_23.JPG (34913 bytes)    Totolapan__Mudejar_Geometry_Detail__23.JPG (50967 bytes)


Hospital de Jesús, Mexico City

Hospital_de_Jesus_after_1535.jpg (63507 bytes)    

Hospital de Jesus, Fresco 2.jpg (53281 bytes)    Hospital de Jesus, Fresco.jpg (51929 bytes)


Modern Mural Painting

Hospital de Jesús, Mexico City

Hospital_de_Jesus_Fresco_3.jpg (41821 bytes)    Hospital_de_Jesus_Fresco_4.jpg (40667 bytes)


National Palace, Mexico City, Diego Rivera

Precolumbian Religious Procession, Diego Rivera.JPG (77375 bytes)    Production of Textiles Precolumbian Diego Rivera.JPG (41436 bytes)    Pruduction of Luxury Art for the Court, Diego  Rivera.JPG (44549 bytes)   

  Tenochtitlan, National Palace, Diego Rivera.JPG (64722 bytes)    View from Tlatelolco before conquest, Diego Rivera.JPG (96163 bytes)